What Makes Amiel Jelinek Stand Out

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About Amiel Jelinek

I am a mortgage broker with a license currently held by Mortgage Alliance. Our head office is based in Toronto, ON, however, I operate out of Waterdown, ON. Through Mortgage Alliance and being part of an extensive team doing large volume every year, I have access to over fifty lenders and get discounted rates.

My access to various lenders allows me a greater reach for various traditional financing services such as principal residence purchase, refinance and renewals, cottages, second homes, and small rental properties from one to four units. In addition, I have extensive knowledge in financing large multifamily residential and commercial properties. Moreover, being a real estate investor for over twelve years myself, I possess firsthand experience of investing in both small and large scale investment properties.

My team of agents, underwriters, and administrators help keep the business running smoothly, and because I have a great team with a strong work ethic, I have been able to obtain mortgages for people all across Canada, from PEI to BC. However, a majority of the business I do is in southern Ontario.

While I always encourage a personal visit at least once during a transaction, if clients are located far away then I will likely do all paperwork and meetings over the phone and through emails.

The Amiel Jelinek Difference

In our industry, every client has different needs and challenges. I pride myself on being able to understand everyone’s unique situation and tailoring a product to meet their specific needs.

One aspect that makes me stand out is the unique leadership and experience that I possess. My prior experience as an engineer has allowed me to understand the analytics of this business better than most brokers. I can look at all the data and find the best fit for our clients. Secondly, I have obtained more mortgages for myself than most agents and therefore understand the client’s perspective better than most brokers.

What sets me apart from the rest of my competitors is that I am happy to educate our clients. Some brokers will just provide you with what they think you need, but I strive to educate my clients on the different options that are available and let them know why I feel one option is better than another.

Ultimately I provide the options, and the educated client makes the final decision. I don’t push anyone into any decision but only offer the options. This method has worked well with me and I’ve had many satisfied clients.

One story that stands out, in particular, was when a single mother called me after obtaining a mortgage for her. She was thrilled to move into her new home because she was extremely skeptical about her ability to obtain a mortgage. Helping her get one was an immensely satisfying moment for me.

One of my biggest achievements thus far was when I made it into the top 20% of all Mortgage Alliance Brokers within the second year of operation. My dream for the future is to continue expanding the business, and I am in the process of adding additional agents to the team as well as staff to support them.

As the Government is continually changing regulations and lenders are always modifying products, policies, and procedures, I strive to stay at the top of it at all times.

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