Mortgage Refinancing In Waterdown, Hamilton, ON

Why Refinance A Mortgage?

Mortgage Refinancing can often save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary interest payments. Mortgage Refinance is a good option to pull equity out of your home for consolidating debt, for home renovations, putting in that pool you always wanted, top up your RRSP’s, purchase an investment property and more.

Mortgage refinancing can save you money, increase your monthly cash flow and the stress of making multiple loan payments. Products like home equity loans and lines of credit are available to homeowners.

Interested in making some additional cash each month or even replacing your salary? With rising real estate prices, many people have equity in their home that they don’t even know about. I have the ability to pull an automated appraisal of your home instantly to see how much equity you have. I can help you open up a home equity line of credit to tap into that equity and use it to invest in safe and hassle free opportunities to create addition income which can be used for topping up your regular income, paying down your mortgage quicker, going on a yearly vacation, or even replacing your salary.

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Have a property with no mortgage? You could be at risk of fraudsters trying to take advantage of your mortgage free home. Few people know that property title information is public record. Anyone has the ability to find out if you have a mortgage registered against your property. Some fraudsters will target homes with no mortgages, fake their identity and register a new mortgage on the property. They then take off with the refinance money and leave the home owner holding the bill. Ask Amiel how to protect yourself.